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Make, DO: Collaborate 2019 was a success and we had a fantastic time working with some incredibly talented artists! We want to thank everyone who came to support us at The Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival.

I had the best time… I can’t explain how much I enjoyed working with you guys. It was such a positive experience; you know when you can feel support and love from people you don’t even know?! I knew I’d have a good time, I was a bit nervous but I just knew I would. I felt enveloped in a hug all the time, which was really nice!

– Collaborate Participant 2019

The Collaborate Workshops with Make, Do Theatre were a fantastic opportunity to learn, create and develop in a really safe and encouraging space. I felt like every individual’s input was valued and important, making it a truly collaborative experience. Would definitely recommend the experience. 

– Collaborate Participant 2019
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