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We love to make work whenever we can and so during the Corona Crisis we have created our first of a series audio/visual radio play! Please have a look below and be sure to like and share! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment to our YouTube & Spotify channel!

Unprecedented Times

Early in the days of the Coronavirus lockdown, Tracey, a mother of two who have flown the nest, attempts to bridge the distance between her family, with what she hopes will become a weekly video call. This audio-visual play is an open and honest discussion of real-world people, and how they are affected in different ways during these ‘Unprecedented Times’.

“Do You Mind If I Sit?”

In our second audio-play of the series, we present an unlikely meeting of two strangers. One has an extraordinary past, and another faces a very ordinary future…

From the uncomfortable small talk develops a deeper connection than they might have imagined, as they ponder life’s important questions: “If a duck quacks in a pond and no one’s around to hear them, do they still want bread?” and “What greater good is there than family?”…

The Lifecycle of Birds

“All of it is going to be different than what you thought it was going to be” Mave is a whirlwind. She’s positive and future orientated, and soon, she’ll fly the nest, but self-centred Mum, Mara can’t let go of the past. This character-driven, short audio-play explores three clashing perspectives in one small family, in the final episode of our mini-series.

Support Us

This audio series has been written, rehearsed and refined during the lockdown period. If you would like to support us to make more work, then feel free to donate through PayPal! Small Donate Button

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